Welcome to Double Down Deer Feed! It’s What We Are Feeding Them!


A few words from Brett Holden, Founder of Double Down Deer Feed, Ranch Manager of the Holden Pasture Deer Lease, and owner of Double Down Deer Feed’s Cactus Flat Ranch.

“Double Down Deer Feed is a custom blend that was originally created for the Holden Pasture Deer Lease.  We simply wanted more out of our feed. Double Down was built with the highest quality ingredients, zero least cost rations, and zero by-grain products.

The work you put into growing big deer doesn’t stop with just a good feed. A strong management plan must be in place to consistently grow big bucks. Feeding year-round is a big part of the overall puzzle. However, getting some age on deer, having water nearby all feed stations, knowing and recognizing as many regular bucks as  possible, and keeping photos of them year-to-year to help prevent mistakes, are all major factors in a successful program. Also, remember that being a patient hunter is one of the most important keys. Taking just one young deer by accident that has progressed above your expectations could be the difference in a giant buck of a lifetime. These are just a few things we do on our ranch and deer lease to help accomplish our goals.”

“Consistency, hard work, and dedication can be extremely rewarding.”

– Brett Holden

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the best deer feed on the market paired with world-class quality and customer service.

Antler Growth

Antler Growth potential requires age, genetics, and nutrition. Quality minerals and protein drive the side of the puzzle we can control!

Made in America

Double Down Deer Feed is proudly formulated and made deep in the heart of Texas.  100% Made in the USA!

Maximize Potential

Diamond-V Yeast is included in the Double Down formula to aid in healthy rumen activity, allowing the deer to utilize each component of the mix!


Maximizing Your Deer's Antlers & Bodies!

Don Holden’s 6th Buck over 200″! It’s What We Are Feeding Them!

We stand proudly behind Double Down Deer Feed as the reason we’ve taken so many record-setting low fence deer on the Holden Pasture Deer Lease. There’s no doubt in our minds that our feed is effective.

Don Holden has taken 6 200″ plus bucks in the last 7 years. For the 2019 season, Don Holden set an all-time Cola Blanca Low Fence record with a 229 5/8″ B&C Score and a 21″ spread on a 19 point buck.

As if that wasn’t proof enough, Monica Holden took a 216 6/8″ low fence buck and also set the women’s all-time Low Fence buck record in 2019.

We’re a family of hunters with a passion for growing these monster deer and we’re willing to help you succeed too with Double Down Deer Feed.